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TREC Cluster

Transylvania Energy Cluster was born as a result of the awareness of local actors on the importance of changing the perception related to the capitalization of renewable energy resources and the opportunities resulting from their correct exploitation. The renewable energy sector is an emerging one, with a contribution to the region's growing economy.

Why a "Cluster"?

The diversity of possibilities for use, the multitude of parties involved, as well as the possibilities for development make it necessary to join forces. Thus, we aim to strengthen the collaboration between enterprises, universities, research institutes, local authorities and institutions that offer various services in the field of renewable energy. Good practices in Europe and around the world demonstrate that the optimal form for achieving maximum efficiency is that of CLUSTER, structured on the following categories of organizations: companies; universities, educational institutions and research centers; public authorities; catalysts. Companies interested in collaborating in a cluster will share common economic and social benefits, thus contributing to the development of the entire region.

General objective

The general objective of the cluster is to ensure an efficient framework for cooperation between its members, to obtain tangible benefits, to represent their interests towards third parties and to promote the production and use of energy from renewable sources.

Specific objectives

• Collaboration, exchange of information and know-how between companies, local, regional and central public authorities and other institutions in the field of renewable energies;
• Better capitalization of research results by implementing joint projects;
• Development of a common knowledge base;
• Development and implementation of a common development strategy;
• Representing the interests of the members of the association towards third parties;
• Supported the development of companies in the field, the establishment of new companies and the attraction of new investments in the fields of interest;
• Collaboration with research and innovation institutions and with vocational, secondary and higher education institutions, in order to adapt the educational programs to the present and perspective requirements of the labor market;
• Collaboration with other clusters in the country and abroad, in order to achieve strategic partnerships;
• Development and / or implementation of projects with European, national and / or third party funding in order to develop the cluster;
• Promoting environmental protection through the activities of cluster members;
• Organizing and facilitating participation in human resources training programs through training courses in the field;
• Organizing technical-economic missions in the country and abroad with specialists in the field;
• Development of integrated marketing activities by participating in conferences, symposia and workshops, editing promotional materials and participating with joint stands at national and international fairs and exhibitions;
• Generating a flow of relevant information in the field (legislation, financing, technology, etc.)