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Clusterul TREC offers to its members management and networking services, especially with companies and institutions in the field of energy in Romania and in the European Union.

In order to become a reference point in promoting the production and use of energy from renewable resources, the cluster wants to develop skills in organizing human resources development programs through training courses, organizing events and debates in areas of interest and developing integrated services based on the experience and expertise of its members. TREC also promotes the interests of members in relation to third party organizations, clusters, public authorities, etc.

TREC also provides information and advice to its members in areas such as energy legislation, assistance in obtaining funding for cooperation and investment projects, and opportunities to collaborate with other companies in Europe in different fields.

Through its actions and services, TREC wants to support a closer collaboration between the research and the academic environment, thus facilitating, through organized events, the exchange of ideas between companies, universities and research institutions.

The list of services offered by the members of the cluster, grouped by fields of activity, is as follows: Hydropower, Solar energy, Wind energy, Biomass / Biofuels, Geothermal energy, Related services.