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Research and Development Institutes

Research Institute for Analytical Instruments Cluj-Napoca

ICIA (INOE 2000 INCD branch) is the only national research institute in the NW region re-accredited for research in 2012 with an A + degree; research addresses environmental programs; development of new types of systems, equipment, optoelectronic instrumentation for analytical investigation with applications in environmental protection and food safety; clean technologies; bioenergy-biomass; technological modernizations; performing chemical analyzes and offering information, consulting and representation services for the business environment, being deeply involved through the activity carried out, in supporting and stimulating the technological transfer, in close correlation with the research strategy.

Cluj-Napoca, str. Donat, nr. 67, 400293, Romania
tel: +40 264 420 590, e-mail:

IPA S.A., Sucursala CIFATT Cluj-Napoca

IPA SA - CIFATT Cluj-Napoca Branch (Entrepreneurial training and technology transfer incubation center) carries out activities of industrial automation, applied informatics and sensor development. IPA offers design and development services for photovoltaic, wind and hybrid renewable energy systems.

Cluj-Napoca, str. Zorilor, nr. 15, Romania
tel: +40 264 596 155, e-mail:

Institute for Isotopic and Molecular Tehnologies

INCDTIM (National Institute of R&D for Isotopic and Molecular Tehnologiesis the only national research and development institute in the NW region, re-accredited 2008, endowed with European standards providing a professional environment to those aspiring to a career in research in fields such as mass spectrometry, ion chromatography and physics, nanostructured systems physics, molecular and biomolecular physics and stable isotope technology.

Cluj-Napoca, str. Donat, nr. 67-103, 400293, Romania
tel: +40 264 584 037, fax: +40 264 420 042, e-mail:

Contact us: tel/fax: +4(0)264.584.037